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Bonus BioGroup Press Releases

Bonus BioGroup to Commence Clinical Trial Received Approval for Live Human Bone Graft Transplant

Harvard-MIT Director of Biomedical Engineering Center to Join Bonus BioGroup's Scientific Team

A Human Bone Grown in a Lab to Be Transplanted in Humans:

Bonus BioGroup Has Commenced a Clinical Trial to Transplant Live Bone Grafts in Human Facial Bones

Bonus BioGroup Announces Support by Chief Scientist of R&D Activities Including A Clinical Trial

Bonus BioGroup Proud Recipient of BIRD Foundation Grant Totaling 2.8 Million NIS

Bonus BioGroup Announces Agreement to Develop Large Vascularized Living Transplants of Human Tissue

Bonus BioGroup Announces Chief Scientist Support of Joint Research with Technion Totaling 1.4 Million NIS

Bonus BioGroup Has Completed the Establishment of the First Facility Worldwide for Growing Human Bone Grafts

The new and innovative facility will provide the company in its clinical trials, expected to commence in the second half of 2013.

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